Oral Health and Hygiene

Oral Health and Hygiene

Suitable for Nurses and Carers working within healthcare establishments. This course provides 3.5 hours of certifiable CPD.

Course Length. 3.5 hours


Good oral hygiene promotes overall general good health, while the mouth is a “window into the body”. Often overlooked, oral hygiene must be promoted as a vital part of routine care. This half day course considers different mouth conditions that can be prevented through oral health and is ideal for care staff and nurses alike.

Course Contents

FWhy oral health is important
Risk factors
Mouth anatomy (including the oral cavity, boundaries, oral vestibule, salivary glands, nerve supply, bones and muscles)
Oral cavity functions (including secondary respiration function, digestive system and speech production)
Emotional and esteem considerations related to poor oral hygiene
The mouth as a health indicator (including saliva as a diagnostic tool)
The purposes of saliva
Plaque – production and effects
Calculus – production, effects and removal
The tooth anatomy
Caries/decay – causes and effects
Gingivitis – effects, signs and symptoms
Periodontitis – effects, signs and symptoms
“From mouth to blood” – effects of oral bacteria on wider health issues, inc. diabetes, infective cardocarditis, cardiovascular disease, pre-term birth, ingestion and respiration
Other mouth conditions, including actinic cheilitis, angular cheilitis, cold sores, canker sores, oral lichen planus, tosilloliths, boils and abscesses
Oral hygiene, including the primary function of brushing, use of mouthwashes, flossing and the effects of fluoride
Denture care
Side effects of medication
Importance of drinking water
Promoting good oral care for individuals, including discussion of legal implications (MCA, Best Interests, legalities surrounding Forced Care)

Course Outcomes

Successful completion of this training course will result in the award of a CPD accredited certificate covering all aspects of the above course contents.

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