Positive Behavioural Support

Positive Behavioural Support

This Positive Behavioural Support training is a one day course suitable for all staff potentially facing challenging behaviour.

Course Length. 1 day


In light of the issues around restraint in care settings and the Department of Health’s “Positive and Proactive Care: Reducing the Need for Restrictive Interventions” and in line with the “Positive and Safe Programme” this training is essential for all those dealing with behaviour which challenges services. Distressed behaviour can arise for different reasons, often personal to the individual. Positive behavioural support (PBS) is the best way of supporting people who display, or are at risk of displaying, behaviour which challenges services. It’s important that social care workers have the right skills and the right knowledge to support anyone who may challenge services. The foundation of PBS is to understand why an individual exhibits distressed behaviour, and address the issues that trigger the behaviour.

The key ethos’ of PBS is to:

Understand behaviours that distress
Assess the broad social and physical context in which the behaviour occurs
Plan and implement ways of supporting the person which enhances their quality of life and that of their carers.
It is based on the values of recognising each person’s individuality and their human rights, a rejection of aversive and restrictive practices, and an acceptance that behaviours which challenge develop to serve an important function for people. This one day course introduces care staff to Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) and gives them a great tool kit to address behaviour triggers.

Course Contents

Values into practice
Understanding ‘distressed behaviour’
How does behaviour ‘work’?
Preventing distressed behaviour
Understanding emerging distressed behaviour
Some early intervention possibilities
Behavioural model
PBS interventions

Course Outcomes

Successful completion of this training course will result in the award of a CPD certificate covering all aspects of the above course contents.

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